Social Intranet, workspace portal, or cloud collaboration?

Can we still house applications, documents, and information flows in different systems or is it time for a more logical solution? In this blog post, Leen Mulckhuyse shares his vision.

The power of three

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in the summer of 2007. The thing on everyone’s mind was: why didn’t we think of this earlier? In those days, almost everyone had a personal digital assistant (PDA), an MP3 player, and a mobile phone – three devices with three different operating systems, three batteries, three screens, three processors, and three memory modules. When Steve Jobs combined these three into one device, everyone wanted to have one!

Workspace portals, social Intranet, and collaborative platforms on the move

We see the same thing in the discussion surrounding today’s workspace portals, social Intranet, and collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams, The social internet has been poised to take over classic no-interaction internet for years now, often at the initiative of HR departments. At the same time, IT departments are moving documents from conventional shared files and document management systems to cloud-based collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google G-Suite. The workspace portal trend has yet to reach its peak, but we can all agree that the days of centralized start menu management are gone. Companies are replacing their Windows applications with SaaS and other web-based versions.

Are you on board?

Organizations that house their application landscape, their documents, and their information flows in different systems can expect the same outcome as the IT users who refused to give up their Palm Pilots, Nokia 6500s, and iPods in 2007. All of these devices had too many bugs, were too much hassle, and offered too little functionality and convenience.

From different systems to a logical trinity

A combined portal is not only a logical fusion of different functionalities; it is also a driving force behind user adoption. This remains the biggest challenge, particularly when implementing social Intranet. I rarely hear initiators say that they went ahead and posted a message on social Intranet to set a good example months after it was launched. When a portal is a convenient place to share information and access applications and files, it automatically becomes a pleasant work environment as well – a place that prompts you to ask: why didn’t I think of that?

Want to learn more?

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