Profile Virtualization

Are users complaining about long log in times? Are user preferences inconsistent from day to day or when a user switches between workspaces? Is often the only solution for user problems to completely delete the user profile? And do users need to completely reinstall their personal preferences after a migration to a new Windows operating system? This belongs to the past with profile virtualization by Login consultants.

The profile defines the personal desktop of users. It contains personal preferences like favorites, application preferences, signatures and how applications connect to the datacenter. To give users the opportunity to access their personal desktop from anywhere they want, these profiles are stored centrally, which within Windows is called Roaming Profiles.

To troubleshoot problems with a corrupt or broken profile, usually the complete profile is deleted, which results in a complete loss of all personal preferences of the user. Also the growth of profiles in time leads to increasing log in times. When this occurs only once a day a cup of coffee can solve this, but when a user switches workspace several times a day, this can be annoying and costly.

When preference changes are no longer stored in the Windows profile, but in a separate ZIP-file, user preferences can be loaded quick and without problems at any given log in. This saves time at log in and in case of profile trouble it provides with an easy solution without losing all user preferences. Also a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7/8 is now without a challenge where it comes to saving user preferences.


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