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By requesting a trial you can test the Login Online Desktop yourself for 14 days. The workspace has a Windows 7 look and feel and has the most common applications already installed, like Office, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, etc. But you can also use App-V applications in this cloud workspace. Do you have your own App-V 5 applications that you would like to test from the cloud, please let us know during the intake so we can prepare the applications for you. Every individual user can set the workspace in Dutch, English, French or German. For more specifications on the environment of the Login Online Desktop, please have a look at the Features.

Login Online Desktop screenshot

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Trying out the Login Online Desktop goes as follows:

  1. Fill out the trial request form;
  2. We will contact you by phone to discuss your objectives of the test and to tell you about the possibilities of the demo environment (like additional App-V applications);
  3. Login Consultants creates 2 accounts for your organization;
  4. In an online demo we will explain you how to login on the Login Online Desktop with your new account;
  5. After 2 weeks we will evaluate the trial with you by phone.


Fill out trial request form


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