Our high performing business enabled DaaS solution offers the following features:


Included Applications

The Login Online Desktop can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Because the image process is fully automated, a consistent end-user experience can be guaranteed, even when specific images are built for dedicated sets of end-users. The standard basic package consists of:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome
  • Office 2013 incl. proofing tools for Dutch, English, German, French
  • Interface language pack for Dutch, English, German, French
  • Lync 2013
  • Adobe Air, Flash, Reader and Shockwave
  • Silverlight
  • Java 7, .Net Framework 4.5.1 and Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013
  • App-V 5 Client



Enterprise App Store

Within the Login Online Desktop, an Enterprise App store is available to request:

  • new desktops;
  • additional applications;
  • file shares.

The Enterprise App Store provides a mechanism that allows organizations to specify of the approval process who is allowed to deploy additional desktops and applications. Per application there may be additional charges or licenses. Applications that may be used company-wide without authorization will be available automatically the next time the user logs in. This way the organization is able to keep an overview of the unrolled applications and this simplifies the application process enormously, because the end-users are able to request the applications themselves.


Enterprise Cloud Connection

The Login Online Desktop allows for a connection of the Cloud service to the internal network of your organization, using a site-to-site VPN, Citrix Gateway or even using your own MPLS network. The enterprise cloud connection is used to make a connection from the Login Online Desktop to backend servers like ERP and CRM servers or to be able to print on your location. It is also possible to use this connection to regulate the internet traffic of your end-users via your own proxy server.

Our Online Desktop cloud service provides 1 or more VLANs, where organizations can place extras domain controllers allowing you fast login times to the Login Online Desktop. No use is made of a trust or a form of federation services and therefore there is no need to make large changes within the existing infrastructure.



Packaging as a Service

A Windows desktop with just standard applications is not yet ready for use within organizations. Extra applications like a SAP client, CRM client or other business applications can be embedded on request of the customer. For every application that needs to be added to the Login Online Desktop, a tradeoff is made whether the application should be virtualized using App-V or becomes part of the image. All extra applications will be packaged at a fixed price independent of the complexity.


Profile Recovery

How easy would it be if the end-user can recover his or her own profile settings? With the Login Online Desktop this is possible! We are not talking about the traditional way this is done: deleting the profile so you can create the settings from scratch, like Outlook signature, desktop, personal certificates, Adobe settings, etc. The Login Online Desktop allows you to recover the individually settings of applications or Windows, while the other items of your profile remain intact.




The Login Online Desktop support many different endpoints, like:

  • laptops;
  • desktops;
  • thin clients;
  • zero clients;
  • tablets;
  • smartphones.

To be able to use the Login Online Desktop, your organization needs to have endpoints devices that allow to install a VMware PCoIP client. It is also possible to work with an HTML5 client. Most thin clients support the PCoIP protocol for quite some time. This allows organizations to deploy the Login Online Desktop quickly to end-users who bring their own laptop or use their own personal computer at home for work.

The Login Online Desktop supports:

  • Windows 7 and 8;
  • Mac OS X 10.x;
  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • HTML5 browsers;
  • Thin clients with PCoIP.


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