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Managed Performance Service

How do I prove that my workspace environment is performing according to the SLA? How do I facilitate a high-performing workspace environment? Is the scaling of my environment prepared for the future? These are questions that our customers asked themselves and Login Consultants helped to answer.

The agreed performance of your workspace environments essential for the success of centralized desktop environments. This applies to the strong agreements you have made with your suppliers and your management. If the performance does not fulfil these requirements, the end-user satisfaction will a resulting decrease in productivity. The performance and capacity can fluctuate due to changes and software and hardware updates of your workspace environment. Regular performance validation tests will prevent any unexpected surprises.

The Login Managed Performance Service 

Login Consultants offers the Login Managed Performance Service, that provides you with the necessary information about the state of your workspace environment, at regular intervals. This means that we will support you fully in managing the risk of financial damage caused by unsatisfied, inactive employees and peak loads on the service desk. Our service will be provided for a fixed monthly fee, including the performance validation software. 

How does it work? 

The Managed Performance Service includes the implementation of Login Virtual Session Indexer (Login VSI), conducting performance validation tests, analysing the results and reporting of findings and recommendations.

The Managed Performance Service is available in two variants: 

  • Full Infrastructure test; the load of test users will be applied to all hosts to validate the performance of the entire environment. Ideally, the number of test users is equal to the target number of concurrent users. If there is a performance problem with shared components of the SBC / VDI infrastructure, such as brokers, load balancers, storage, network services, file servers and domain controllers, then it will be visible in this full Infrastructure test. 
  • Host Based test; a representative load will run on a single host. This will give you an insight how many users can use a single host and any exception to the baseline.

Why Login Consultants? 

Login Consultants helps large and medium-sized organizations with performance related questions for more than 14 years. We analyze and advise on issues that can lead to performance degradation. The knowledge gained enables us to advise our clients quickly and effectively and reduce or prevent loss of productivity. Login Consultants has developed the international industry standard for benchmarking of VDI and SBC: Login VSI. 

More information? 

For more information about costs and possibilities of these and other services from Login Consultants, please contact us on 020 342 02 80 and ask for one of our account managers or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also make an appointment with our expert Christiaan de Vin, IT Architect and Performance Specialist.

We are providing services from our Managed Services portfolio to both medium-sized businesses as enterprises. A selection of our customers: KPN, BMW AG, Delta Lloyd, Haagse Hogeschool, Europol, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, UEFA, Enza Zaden, ZuidOostZorg, Mammoet, British Telecom, Ymere, PGGM, AMC, VUmc, Alliander, Woon Friesland, PPG Industries and others.

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