Performance Validation & Acceleration Tools

performance-toolsThe performance and scalability of your desktop infrastructure are the most critical factors for a successful centralized workspace environment. Login Consultants provides the best of breed Performance Validation & Acceleration tools that provide you insight into the performance and capacity of your workspace infrastructure. We support the following load-testing, benchmarking and acceleration tools that have been used for many years in projects at a large number of our customers to predict and avoid performance and scalability related problems.

You can decide to purchase and implement these tools yourself but we can also offer performance consultancy where we advise, design and implement these tools in your desktop infrastructure. If you want to gain insight without installing the Performance Validation & Acceleration tools, see our Performance Scan and Performance Consultancy services for a full service solution. For a regular health check of the performance of your environment, see our Performance Monitoring solutions.

We support the following Performance Validation & Acceleration tools:

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Performance Validation
With Login VSI you can test the performance and scalability of Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) or any other VDI or Server Based Computing solution by simulating workloads. We use Login VSI at most of our medium sized and large clients to be able to quickly tacle performance and scalability issues. Login VSI is the global industry standard load and performance testing tool for virtual desktop infrastructures and server based computing environments.

With Login VSI you can:

  • gain insight in the maximum capacity of your virtual desktop environment;
  • test the impact of changes to VDI performance before the actual deployment on production machines;
  • compare different VDI environments to make the right decision;
  • test upfront how many hardware components you need for an optimal performance.

Login VSI


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Storage/IO Acceleration
One of the most important components in the Hosted Desktop stack (besides CPU, memory and network) is storage, and in particular the input/output per second (IOPS). When the desktop infrastructure generates more IOPS than the storage can handle, the performance will be degraded significantly. This will immediately impact the end-user experience and can cause the workspace to become unstable or even unavailable. Atlantis ILIO ensures that the input/output will not become a bottleneck in your environment or that this bottleneck is lifted. The performance experts of Login Consultants can advise and implement Atlantis ILIO, a software based storage IO acceleration solution. The benefit of using a software based solution is that this can be implemented using your existing storage platform and it provides direct performance boost to your end-users.

Atlantis ILIO USX
Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI
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Graphics Acceleration
The increased need for graphical and multimedia applications puts a higher demand on the performance of your hosted desktop environment. End-users need to be able to use CAD software or 3D applications and consume rich multimedia. Nvidia offers 2 types of Graphics Acceleration solutions: Passthrough GPU and Shared GPU. Both solutions service a specific use case. Choosing the right Graphics Acceleration (GPU) solution is often dependent on your selected hypervisor. The performance experts of Login Consultants can advise and help you make the right decisions implementing the right GPU solution.

Nvidia Grid


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WAN Acceleration
To be able to offer a fast and consistent performance of your hosted desktop environment, sufficient bandwidth and a low network latency is required. There are however situations where end-users simply have insufficient bandwidth available, eg. when connecting over a mobile connection or office locations in a geographical large distance. These situations can results in a poor end-user experience and can be overcome using WAN acceleration solutions. Choosing the right network acceleration solution is dependent on multiple factors like the architecture and network protocol of your hosted desktop infrastructure. Citrix CloudBridge connects and accelerates applications, optimizes bandwidth utilization across third-party public cloud and private networks, offers a platform for cloud-enabling third-party applications, and provides visibility into application performance to optimize the user experience. The performance experts of Login Consultants can advise and implement Citrix Cloudbridge solutions in your environment.

Citrix CloudBridge


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