Mobility Strategy Assessment

Organizations will inevitably face Bring Your Own (BYO), if they are not already in the midst. The trend is growing in the wake of social media, the rise of cloud computing and consumerization of IT, where end users like to control their own business IT-supply. These users are more mobile, have more knowledge of what is for sale in IT and consider the IT-organization as limiting.

It is a clear trend especially in modern, knowledge-intensive organizations that employees use their own hardware / devices and software to use in conjunction with company networks and servers. Relationships within organizations have clearly changed. For a long time, IT departments could consider the advance of BYO as infeasible, unsafe or impractical. Nowadays IT is the facilitator of a reasonable desire of employees.

Ignoring is not an option
This makes Mobility a trend that cannot be denied or ignored. Organizations that do not deal with it adequately, will miss out. If you do not facilitate Mobility, it will arise naturally, but in an unwanted manner. It won’t blow over, and employees will find their own way. The organization risks the loss of control on their own IT. What does that mean for security and productivity?

Looking for the best solution
The possibilities of Mobility are endless, but organizations find it difficult to get an overview to pinpoint the solutions that are most practical, effective, safe and sensible to be implemented and managed. 

Login Consultants offers customers an insight and overview which is necessary to make wise decisions regarding Mobility. We know the best practices and innovations. We help you making the right choices without forgetting anything. Giving you peace and confidence. In our approach it is clearly recognizable that Mobility can have a big impact on your organization, for example in the area of communication and logistics. And do not forget the legal snags in the reimbursement of IT devices bought by the employees themselves.

The vision of Login Consultants provides a pragmatic and realistic MObility approach that bridges the gap between the interests of technology, business and the end-user.

Mobility Strategy Assessment
Login Consultants offers a thorough assessment (usually three weeks) of the IT empowerment of end users in the organization: can they solve simple hardware and software problems themselves? During a session that takes multiple days, the organization is helped making choices. A roadmap will guide the organization to an actual implementation of Mobility.

The Strategy Assessment brings together all stakeholders of the organization. It does not only provide an answer to the 'what' question (what should be arranged for Mobility?), but also to the how-question (how do we manage it?) Concrete, actual choices are made which provides a road map with all the choices and how they are implemented. Finally we will have a look at where the external experts of Login Consultants can offer added value.

The topics covered in the Mobility Strategy Assessment:

  • Review surveys and interviews
  • Establishing starting-points Mobility
  • Summary trends
  • ‘Desktop & application delivery model’
  • Consequences network
  • Which apps can and may be used and under what conditions
  • HR / legal / fiscal
  • Aspects of Mobility, employment conditions, compensations, arrangements
  • Security
  • Protecting IP, corporate data, data-classification
  • Logistics and office facilities
  • Web portal for ordering, support and payroll integration
  • Office supplies / facilities


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