4 ways to secure your SBC/VDI-performance

Monday, 25 February 2013

Performance is critical to the success of SBC / VDI environments. When performance fails, the impact on the productivity of end-users is crucial. This makes a proactive approach on securing the performance important. Login Consultants identifies two causes as the basis of successful performance management:

1. The right infrastructure – Your infrastructure determines the productivity of your users. Therefore it is important to apply the right technologies in your environment from the very start. The hardware also needs to meet your performance requirements. You have questions about:

a. Which technology is the best choice for you? – You are about to introduce a new SBC / VDI environment, but it is not clear yet which technology gives the best result. By executing a benchmark on several technologies, the right choice is guaranteed.

b. Does your infrastructure meet the requirements that are being set? – To give your users the right experience on your SBC/VDI environment, it is important to make a correct estimation of the necessary capacity. This ensure a good performance and satisfied users today and in the future.

2. Continuing monitoring of your options – If your infrastructure functions properly, it is important to keep it like that. Also at (expected) changes or (always unexpected) doom scenario’s. You have questions about:

a. What is the maximum capacity of my SBC/VDI environment? – There comes a point when your environment will be used to its maximum capacity, influencing the performance in such a way that your users are being affected. To prevent this, or at least see it coming, it is good to know what the maximum capacity is. It is also important to test how your environment handles these peak loads.

b. Which changes influence the performance? – Your production environment is stable and performance is good. But what happens when you want to introduce new software? Every change in your SBC-VDI environment can influence the performance. It is good to understand beforehand what the impact is of these changes, in order to avoid surprises.

Login Consultants designed several services that specifically aim at answering these questions. Together with you, we make the right choices and monitor your infrastructure to prevent surprises.

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