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Optimized virtual desktop operations with SCCM and AM

The challenges that IT organizations face when managing applications on a virtual desktop platform are quite different from those found in a typical desktop environments. While Microsoft SCCM in its core is built for large distributed desktop environments, we found that it does not quite fit the virtual desktop use case.

This white paper describes a number of key areas that we believe need to be addressed in hosted desktop operations and how Automation Machine can be used as an add-on to (existing) Microsoft SCCM deployments to decrease operational cost and increase speed of delivery, continuity and agility.

© June 2015 Login Consultants


Performance Scan Login Online Desktop based on XtraDesktop DaaS

Login Consultants supplies the “Login Online Desktop” based on the DaaS product from XtraDesktop. All best practices from Login Consultants’ wealth of experience in the field of Hosted Desktops have been implemented in the Login Online Desktop. As part of the accreditation of the service provider, the provider’s DaaS environment is subject to a performance validation in order to demonstrate the scalability and predictability of the service. Download this white paper to read more about the results.

© November 2014 Login Consultants


Top 7 challenges in server management

IT managers and administrators have a real need to automate frequently recurring management tasks. And even though many IT professionals already have traditional tools available for this, such as the much used Microsoft SCCM, those tools do not meet all demands in the approach to the top 7 challenges in server management. They seek powerful, supplementary tools that are easy to configure and can be implemented flexibly. And preferably at a reasonable price, since organizations keep a close watch on IT costs.

© August 2014 Login Consultants


Decoding Microsofts' VDI Licensing Arcanum

'Decoding the Microsoft's VDI Licensing Arcanum' is an insightful white paper by Falko Gräfe, IT-Architect at Login Consultants. It is a fascinating and eye-opening exploration of MS VDI licensing. And it does not stop there, Falko also covers the beautifully elegant, simple and cheap 'SBC' licensing. Going even one step further, MS VDI licensing is also compared with what we like to call a 'single user terminal server' licensing strategy. This strategy is not very common, but is getting traction with some DaaS providers. More importantly, we think this a serious option for everyone considering VDI. Highly recommended!

© September 2013 Login Consultants


VDI and SBC; complexity and vulnerability in management

The advantages that VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and SBC (Server Based Computing) have to offer are well-known. Yet many organizations wrestle with the complexity of the supporting technology that makes centralized workspaces possible. Often this complexity results in management fragmentation and lack of control, problems when managing change, disappointing user experience and the risk of disruptions. This white paper presents the experiences from the rich history of Login Consultants and assesses the results of more than 10 years VDI/SBC experience.

© August 2013 Login Consultants


The 5 most expensive application packaging solutions

Time and again packaging proves to be more expensive than initially budgeted. Research also shows that the larger part of the IT budget, which organizations spend managing and maintaining the IT environment, is needed for the necessary maintenance of the application landscape. Not surprisingly this is caused by the fact that the application landscape is always subject to change.

But what makes the costs for packaging so unpredictable? Should we perform these activities ourselves or would it be better to outsource them? When is a bad bargain a dear at a farthing? How is this done by others?

In this whitepaper, we have summed up the most common packaging solutions in the market. We describe the pitfalls to help you avoid higher costs than necessary.

© February 2013 Login Consultants


Is your organization ready for Bring Your Own?

Bring Your Own (BYO) is ‘here to stay’. Where IT-departments considered the march of BYO as infeasible, unsafe and impractical for a long time, more and more organizations decide to have an active policy regarding BYO. But where does BYO come from? Why should managers take the current BYO development serious? This white paper outlines the answers to questions where numerous managers of the year 2013 are struggling with.

© January 2013 Login Consultants


Choosing the right App-V Delivery Models

Organizations that are moving towards Microsoft Application Virtualization are often wondering what the best delivery infrastructure is for their environment. In the days of SoftGrid there was only one way of delivering your virtual applications to the end-user, by building a dedicated SoftGrid infrastructure. But since the introduction of App-V 4.5 the possibilities have been extended, making the product suitable for almost every environment.

Because of the number of architectural possibilities it's hard to decide which is the right one. Each of the currently available scenarios has their pros and cons and available functionality depends on the scenario that is chosen. Ment van der plas decided to investigate the integration details and describe all these in a brand new whitepaper: Choosing the right App-V Delivery Model (App-v integration: possibilities and impossibilities).

© June 2012 Login Consultants

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