Tooling: ThinApp Configuration Editor

Thursday, 06 February 2014

By Ralph Jansen

Login Consultants introduces the ThinApp Configuration Editor: a tool to help virtualization specialists manage VMware ThinApp packages.

We’re excited to announce that today Login Consultants officially introduced the ThinApp Configuration Editor (TCE).

The ThinApp Configuration Editor was designed and created by consultants who know what challenges Virtualization Specialists encounter during their daily job, packaging applications. It has many features that makes the job easier and it takes less time to complete complicated or time consuming tasks.  


VMware ThinApp virtual applications can be configured using a text editor, like Notepad, but that is not a very convenient way to configure your virtual applications. The ThinApp Configuration Editor is an easy-to-use solution for Virtualization Specialists to modify, build and export their virtual VMware ThinApp applications.




Examples per parameter


Detailed explanation per parameter


Export to many formats and create documentation. 

To learn more how ThinApp Configuration Editor can help you to manage VMware ThinApp virtual applications, check out ThinApp Configuration Editor today. 


Download Login ThinApp Configuration Editor

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