The modern workplace; everyone is talking about it, but what is it exactly? What is the difference between a modern workplace and a modern workspace? And what is a virtual desktop? And how does this all relate to the New Way of Working of yesteryear or the new trend of working from home that has suddenly and necessarily taken the world by storm? It’s all pretty confusing. But there is light in the darkness as Leo van der Mee, IT Architect and Business Development Consultant, creates order in the chaos with this blog.

A way of thinking

A party such as Microsoft defines the Microsoft Modern Workplace as a cloud workplace consisting of Microsoft 365, Windows 10, Teams, and the other Office 365 Apps. But there are plenty of other companies and parties who define it differently, never mind the way they think about all those other terms. To escape this Babel of tongues once and for all, we at Login Consultants have thought long and hard about what exactly to call what. So, we decided to give you a brief clarification of all the terms before we zoom in on certain aspects of the ‘Modern Workplace’ concept and its management in the next blog.

1. Modern Workplace

A concept, a way of thinking: that is exactly what the Modern Workplace is. It is the big picture in which your working life takes place. It is everything from office furnishings to meeting rooms, from the modern appliances you use to work together to the kitchen table you sit at at home. Today’s workplace is no longer the office of the past, with a door, two windows, a chair, and a desktop computer on a desk. The modern workplace is the workplace in a broad sense, existing on an organizational level. That workplace can be anywhere in the world and is not bound by time, space, or device.

2. Modern Workspace

The modern workspace is one level below the modern workplace. Then we are really talking about what the employee works with on a daily basis and what they can touch. It is your work environment such as Windows 10 or your mobile phone, but also applications such as Office 365 and the associated collaboration tools and data.

3. Modern Desktop

A modern managed desktop is not necessarily the device on your desk, but can also be a laptop, a tablet, an Ultrabook, a MacBook Air, or any other device. Then there is also the virtual desktop, which is not a physical device, but a virtual workplace that runs in the cloud.

4. The new way of working

And then there is the New Way of Working. This was once conceptualized as a way of working in which we are no longer judged on input but on output. Working from nine to five is out, activity-based working is in. Certainly in Dutch culture, which is characterized by trust, the time clock is something we only know from the history books. The New Way of Working means that you work where it is most convenient and efficient for you, and in such a way that you can ensure an optimal work-life balance

5. Working after Covid-19: Working at home when possible, at the office when needed

A staggering 85% of employees are currently working from home. Wherever possible, people are working from home; even at companies where this was previously not common practice. At least two-thirds of employers that frowned upon working from home before COVID-19, now allow this. We will probably continue to make much more conscious choices in the future and decide to work from home if possible, and only at the office if it is necessary to work intensively with colleagues.

Gaining momentum

It appears that, since the coronavirus crisis, the ‘old’ New Way of working has gained momentum. Companies that were in no rush to change, have now seen the importance of a Modern Workplace and a Modern Workspace with a Modern Desktop. In my next blog I will zoom in on how this can all be managed in a modern way without negatively affecting productivity and security.


If you’re looking for someone who can help you with setting up and managing your Modern Workplace, Workspace, and Desktop, and who can ensure that your employees can work anytime and anywhere from any device, while ensuring safety and efficiency, please get in touch – we’d be delighted to help you.