The benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop on a Citrix environment

Microsoft has given its Windows Virtual Desktop a somewhat strange name. Located on Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop is actually a set of services which you can use to offer sessions. That may be a Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. For example, Citrix has built a shell around the Windows Virtual Desktop as offered by Microsoft to roll out a Citrix variation of Windows Virtual Desktop. And that has its advantages, explains Vincent van Zeijl in this blog.


If you opt for Windows Virtual Desktop in a Citrix environment, what’s under the bonnet looks totally different to when you use the services delivered by Microsoft. After all, you are using the Citrix services in their existing form in the Citrix cloud environment. Citrix originally built its environment as a layer on top of Microsoft Remote Desktop, a somewhat older Microsoft product which is not so easy to manage. The layer that Citrix built optimizes the entire Microsoft environment – previously with Microsoft Remote Desktop and now also with Windows Virtual Desktop. This optimization enables faster connections and easier management, and you can also view sessions and analyse problems via a website.


When you choose Citrix Managed Desktop, Citrix takes care of all your worries, makes doing the maintenance easier, and offers you more options. For example, they install the entire back-end infrastructure and workstations for you, and you also pay the Microsoft Azure fees to Citrix. This gives you just one invoicing address, which eliminates a lot of hassle. After all, you want to set about your work and not spend your time maintaining infrastructure.


To work with the management of Windows Virtual Desktop, you must really understand what is going on. Citrix Director, on the other hand, can be used by anyone. It is a tool meant for the help desk, so they can easily perform actions such as viewing and resetting sessions or killing an application. You don’t have to be a software builder to use it.


The benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop for the business, as Christiaan wrote about them in his blog, are still there, of course. And those benefits have become even better. You may pay a bit more for them, but you don’t need to already have – or obtain – as much knowledge in house for construction and maintenance, and that’s where you save. This is how you enjoy the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop but leave all the hassle and the worries to someone else.


Curious whether the Citrix solution is right for your organization? If you’re looking for someone who can help you configure the Citrix variant of Windows Virtual Desktop, please get in touch – we’d be delighted to help you.

Vincent van Zeijl