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Desktop Destiny 2015

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Performance Services

Gear up your virtual desktop performance and test the limits of your infrastructure.

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Workspace Advice

An ideal IT workspace supports end-users in their work: anytime, anyplace and at any location with the highest performance at the lowest cost. Login Consultants provides both strategic and technical advice that leverages the workspace solutions available in the market today.


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Workspace Implementation

The design, build and migration of your end-users to a new workspace environment ask for a flawless execution. Login Consultants has over a decade experience managing desktop transformation projects, assuring fast delivery and the highest quality due to our best practice approach.


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Workspace Support

IT workspace environments typically cope with a high demand of changes. Login Consultants provides professional support of desktop and application infrastructures, from pure incidental technical support, packaging of applications to the full management of your (virtual) desktop infrastructure.


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  • Workspace

    Login Consultants helps organizations with the implementation of (virtual) workspace infrastructures. These solutions can be built on premise or we can provide them as a fully managed service with our Login Online Desktop product. We are the leading specialist in both Server Based Computing (SBC) as well as Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) workspace solutions with Gold Partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware.


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  • Performance

    Performance is critical to the success of centralized workspace environments. When performance fails, the end-user satisfaction drops and with that their productivity. The organization loses money by idle workers and the pressure on the IT department impacts other critical innovations. This makes a clear insight into the maximum capacity of your environment and the impact of changes before they are applied critical. Login Consultants provides performance services that can be applied to your existing environment or act as Quality Assurance at projects of third parties and test third party project's response times.


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  • Mobile Workforce

    When organizations are confronted with trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Consumerization of IT, they have to deal with organizational requirements, end-user demands and technical possibilities to be able to implement a secure workspace that support the organization and its employees in a cost effective way. Users want to become more mobile and IT has to support this trend as it is already a fact in many organizations. Login Consultants has helped various organizations implement a mobility strategy, focusing on 3 main areas: the business process side, the end-user requirements and IT challenges.


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  • Automation

    The success factors of hosted desktop environments are well known. It is secure, supports Bring Your Own and enables flexible working. However, there are also some challenges, like the complexity of the technology, the fragmentation of management and incidents when dealing with the application of frequent changes. Many organizations underestimate these problems, not getting their maximum return on investments and efforts. Login Consultants advises on automation solutions that are available in the market and will guarantee a flawless management of your workspace infrastructure. It allows you to save time but also costs of maintenance and enables end-users to be more productive.


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White papers

Top 7 challenges in server management

Interesting overview of the biggest challenges when managing your server farm.

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Freeware tools

Base Image Script Framework

This Script Framework helps you to prepare and personalize your provisioned Citrix Target Device.

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Login Consultants launches the Login Online Desktop

The first genuine business-enabled DaaS solution in the cloud

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